Top 10 list of Information Security Slogan

Are you running your IT Departement and need the slogan for IT Security awareness? here is some list you can choose.. 🙂

  1. “Security is not complete without U”
  2. “Think security first”
  3. “Stay secured. Stay assured”
  4. “A false sense of security is worse than being unsure”
  5. “Locks only keep honest people honest”
  6. “Don’t share your password” If you wouldnt give away the keys to your car, why give away the keys to your computer
  7. “How Secure Is Your Password?” Passwords must not be written down. Must change their regularly. Must be complex (characters, number, special character)
  8. “Always remember your password”
  9. “Everyone’s commitment keeps security at the top”

Any other suggestion?

sumber :

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